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I’ve tested the Razza Pura show shirt and friction free socks for you. Both are made with fabrics manufactured using the latest technologies for obtaining the best comfort for rider especially in competitions. We all know the importance of comfort in horse riding. Even the slightest discomfort in our equipment causes difficulties in riding. Same goes for apparel as well. Most riders don’t care much about the appearance and tend to ride with cotton clothes but the lack of comfort eventually distracts the rider. I’d suggest you to use technical riding clothes for the best performance both in competition and the daily training.


I’ve tried the blue short-sleeved polo shirt, which is great for competitions. This show polo impressed me even at the first look. Navy honeycomb textured shirt is crowned with white mandarin collar, smartened with lace sleeves and decorated with rhinestones. Lace sleeves are really soft to touch and looks classy. I fell in love at first sight with the rhinestone decorations on the show shirt. Brand name is written on the right shoulder with small blue rhinestones along the shoulder stitch. There is a Razza Pura logo sitting at the back of the collar with slightly bigger rhinestones of the same color. Wearing this made me feel like a member of the Royal Family. But it’s not only these stylish details that makes this show shirt perfect for riding. It’s the technology behind the Razza Pura fabrics. Razza Pura women’s polo shirts are made with Q-skin fabric which actively combats the proliferation of bacteria, which are the main cause of bad odor. You can find a detailed definition of the Q-skin technology at the end of our review.


I’ve tried size XS. I’m usually wearing size XS for tops and I can say this shirt fits true to size. It’s so comfortable, apart from its antibacterial, hypoallergenic and breathing qualities it’s also softest to touch. It fits like a second skin but since it’s not clingy doesn’t make you body conscious.


I’ve paired the show shirt with white colored socks made from Dryarn and Friction Free. The fibre Friction Free promises to give maximum comfort in the most delicate points of the foot. It decreases friction and reduces blistering, and still comfortable even after several hours of riding. I’ve found these socks best for breaking into new boots as well. You know the painful first weeks of wearing a pair of new boots. We all have a love-hate relationship because of the blisters we get. You can say goodbye to that with friction free socks. Since its supporting the right places, I’ve tried it with new boots and it helped me a lot, to get used to them.


Razza Pura is an Italian company, all their products are made entirely in Italy and uses only the highest quality materials. The quality reflects to packing as well. When I’ve opened the shipping box each product was packed individually with semi transparent Razza Pura branded bags and sealed with elegant Razza Pura stickers.


Razza Pura products are as stylish as high fashion clothing and as comfortable as the most advanced technical apparel. I’m charmed by their style and quality. I’m also excited to tell you that I’ll review other products from Razza Pura really soon.


Q-SKIN is the new microfibre with an inorganic antimicrobial ingredient containing silver ions. An innovative technological solution which reduces bacterial growth and prevents bad odors while maintaining the natural balance of the skin. Polo shirts made from Q-Skin are hypoallergenic and offer comfort, breathability, hygiene and freshness.
The progressive silver release, with silver ions inserted directly into the fibre, gives high strength and resistance to washing, preserving the characteristics of Q-Skin for a long time.

You can see the whole collection from Razzapura.it and shop from selected dealers.

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