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Trail riding in five continents may make you feel like a warrior of reconnaissance. From Inca trails and top of the mountains, to the mysterious fairy chimneys you will ride along with the wild animals or thousands of years old tribes and end up at the beach and relax. Just close your eyes and dream, and then when you open your eyes again, hope to be in one of these gorgeous spots.


Machu Picchu is on top of many adventurous souls’ must to do list. It’s not a surprise that it is listed as one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World!”. If there is a chance to have this experience on horseback, why not make the whole thing more daring by following the Inca’s trail? You will rediscover the historic Inca route which includes steep mountains, wild rivers, Salkantay Glacier, pure nature as well as a very interesting culture to explore. Also you shouldn’t miss the rainbow mountain of Maras Moray, approximately 42 km from Machi Picchu. That is another wonder of nature to explore.


If you can follow the Inca trails and climb mountains on horseback, why not go on a safari and follow the elephants and giraffes in their habitats? Inhale the air in the Jewel of Africa, Okavango Delta, known as the world’s largest inland delta, let your best buddy make new friends of other animals or some little birds, and you just enjoy your heart pounding ride. This is the wildest heaven you’ll ever find on earth.


If you’d like to experience your favorite activity, horse riding in one of the world’s most unusual and spectacular landscapes, you should try trail riding in Cappadocia, Turkey. Discovering this magical place on the back of a horse is probably the best way because you can’t drive along this extremely interesting valleys and mountains. You can go for hiking but will it be the same as riding? On the back of your horse you’ll see and feel much more of this occult aura. The name Cappadocia comes from the phrase “the land of beautiful horses” so this is a very fitting place for a riding holiday.


After all the hot and adventurous rides maybe a beach ride will cool you down. Howabout the Sunshine Coast in Australia? There are different horse riding packages from 1 hour to 7 days, great for any level of riders. From the beach you can go through inlands Queensland’s rainforest in Mary Valley. If you can make it all the way to Australia, do not limit yourself only with this area. There are many more options for horse lovers in Australia. Take a look at and choose from many alternatives in this beautiful country.


If you tried all, maybe your next trail ride can be all the way along the desert. You can even ride a camel for a change. Take the rocky mountains on your back, keep going through the dunes and you might enjoy to see the green trees among them. Move along the rivers, and sense the elation inside yourself. Central Mongolia’s Khangai Mountain is rough and desolate where you sense the wild while passing by the Stone Age tribes that haven’t changed for thousands of years. If you visit Mongolia in June, don’t miss the Naadam festival in Ulaan Baatar.

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