Looking good, feeling good

Spring is coming and we all are breaking our shells and switching to nicer clothes instead of bulky ones. And what is better than a great base layer to show off under the heartwarming winter sun? I’ve tried and reviewed Aztec Diamond Khaki Technical Stretch Base Layer.


I’ve got the Khaki color of the technical stretch base layer from Aztec Diamond, which is perfect for matching with nearly everything. Polyester fabric is four way stretching and mesh fabric on the sleeves are breathable. 3 zippers are stylishly decorated with ring style zipper pulls. The most eye-catching detail is tone on tone Aztec Diamond logo located on the left arm. On the right arm, there is another Aztec Diamond logo in a text form, written with metallic letters, decorated with three little diamond shapes, which is a nice touch. On the back of the base layer a transparent rubber square sits, embossed with Aztec Diamond logo. I liked that little detail on the back because other than that, the back is completely blank. Overall, this base layer may look average on the shelf but the subtle details, amazing fit and extraordinary fabric makes it spectacular!


Founder of the Aztec Diamond, Jordan McCabe has the dream body and all Aztec Diamond press photos were shot with models with great bodies. Frankly I was a little worried about wearing this base layer. I didn’t want to be body conscious while riding. It would distract me and affect my riding. But after wearing it I saw that there was nothing to worry about. I was surprised to see the stretching fabric is actually flattering and creating smoother curves and a nice body shape. I usually perform better when I wear nice clothes. “Looking good, Feeling good” is kind of my motto and this technical base layer will be my wardrobe staple for a long time.


I’ve tried XS and I’ll admit that at first I’ve found it quite tight and a little restricting. I’m usually size XS but with this base layer you would want to go one size up. I’ve got size Small and it was perfect. It’s been made with lightweight four way stretch breathable fabric. It feels cool to touch at first but once you wear it, it doesn’t stay cool. Since it’s close fitting, you have to adjust the seams to your shoulders and arms but once you’ve adjusted it fits perfectly and it’s really comfortable and flexible. Mesh fabric on the arms is not as flexible and it fits tight when you close the zippers. Zippers are a great addition for easily taking off the top with bracelets or a watch. I wear a bulky watch all the time and with most of my clothes I have to take it off first. With this base layer, zippers solve my problem.


You’ll love this base layer and you’ll happily see that it looks good on you as it looks good on the model. I’ve tried it under the winter sun as it is and in cold days as a base layer. I didn’t feel cold. I didn’t try it in summer but I think it’ll be good for 9-10 months of the year and that’s a great reason to get it.

You can buy this one or other colors from Aztec Diamond website.


  • So glad I came across your post! I saw Aztec Diamond share it on their Instagram story. I’ve been wanting to order their base layers but was really hesitant about what size to order. Like you, I usually wear an XS but based on your suggestions, I’ll get a size up! Great review and love your site!

    • correctlead

      2 years ago

      Thank you for your feedback. We loved the Aztec Diamond base layer and hope you’ll like it as much as we did. Please follow us on Instagram to keep updated about the latest product reviews

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