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I’ve tried the lovely House of Horses Helsinki products. Grey and pink color palette is a telltale sign of the brand. If you love pink, unicorns and horse riding, you’ll love House of Horses Helsinki products as much as I did.


Let me first tell you about House of Horses Helsinki (HoH) a little bit. House of Horses is a Finnish equestrian brand created and designed by fashion designer Irene Mikaela Häggkvist.  She’s been doing designing, lecturing and consulting in fashion, teaching fashion and fashion history for several years. HoH designs show Scandinavian feeling and functionality combined with feminine everyday wear.


I’ve got a HoH hoodie, HoH bodywarmer and a HoH cap which are all light grey with some pink details. Let me start with the bodywarmer. This is not a regular fluffy vest. This one is specially designed to wear it layered. I layered it with HoH hoodie and of course they pair amazing both visually and comfort wise. You can also wear it with the pink HoH raincoat on top, since it’s not water-resistant. Outer shell of this bodywarmer is light grey and inner shell is pink. I’ve got size Small and since I’m usually size XS, it was a little big for me. But it’s comfortable and I plan to use it with some of my fluffier sweatshirts as well. So size Small will be comfy enough to pair it with those too. Front opening has two way zippers, so you can unzip it from the bottom for more ease during the riding.


Pockets of the bodywarmer have zippers which is a huge plus for me. I never like taking everything off of my pockets and leaving them on the side of the arena. I usually carry my phone and treats for my horses in my pockets. Zipper pulls are in pink color, decorated with HHH logo and reminds me of M&M’s. They’re big enough to easily use with gloves on. Inside of the bodywarmer is decorated with House of Horses Helsinki print, and embroidered logo badge in the front is a nice touch. It also features a detachable lightweight hood. It’s great for light rains and protects your head from wind. Especially after riding when your head is wet with sweat, this hood comes handy.


HoH collection is full of innovative details. Hoodie Has lovely little details that make you love it more every time you wear it. I personally loved that the back skirt of the hoodie is longer than the front part. Longer part covers your back and prevents wind blowing through your back while riding. Another nice touch is side zippers.


You can unzip or half zip the side zippers, which makes it more flattering when sitting in the saddle. I choose to use them half zipped for the best comfort. They lock and don’t unzip by themselves even in training. The hood has a nice soft and fluffy teddy lining. Plushy lining feels so cozy and snug. Hoodie also features a double front zipper, which helps to protect your saddle from scratching. Here comes the part I love mentioning the most. Pockets have zippers too. So you don’t have to take anything off while riding and keep horse treats in your pockets for your beloved horses. Hoodie is decorated with a pink House of Horses coat of arms and the name of the brand, House of Horses Helsinki is also embroidered to the back of the hoodie.


And saved the most stylish cap to the last! Lovely House of Horses baseball cap is a great accessory to rock your equestrian style during the day. I’ll wear this as an everyday hat to show off that I’m a rider outside the stables in my daily life. Like other items in the collection, it’s light grey with pink. And it’s decorated with 3D embroidery HHH logo with the Unicorn on the front. On behind, House of Horses Helsinki is embroidered. Velcro strap is easily adjustable according to your head size and looks fantastic.


I’d personally wear these not only in the horse riding but after the training to show off my equestrian style as well. Functionality is the most important aspect in HoH products. Their newly released Minies collection confirms that HoH customers have no age boundaries.
You can see other House of Horses Helsinki products from here


  • Loved the review but the photos are what I loved the most…absolutely amazing!!!

    • correctlead

      2 years ago

      Thank you very much! I’m so glad that you liked them <3

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