Equestrian on a golf course

One of my favorite equestrian brands, Razza Pura is also active in golf. Razza Pura sent me their golfing polo and I’ve matched it with their riding socks and found myself at the golf course to try my hand at golfing. This was not my first time in golf. Last year I took  couple of lessons and decided I may start golfing in future but my schedule is too busy for it right now. As you my know, my son is a golfer and he helped me to learn the basics and improve my position and I’ve tried these great Razza Pura products on a sunny day.


First of all, if you are reading this you must be an equestrian like me and wondering why you should be reading a golfing polo review. Golf tops have nearly the same specifications as equestrian tops. Breathability, flexibility and comfort are important in both sports tops. That’s why there are other brands such as Animo are active in both equestrian and golf apparel.


Razza Pura is an Italian company. All of their products are made entirely in Italy and the brand uses only the highest quality materials. As you may have read in my previous Razza Pura review, their quality reflects to packing as well. When I’ve opened the shipping box each product was packed individually with semi transparent Razza Pura branded bags and sealed with elegant Razza Pura stickers.


As a rider I couldn’t limit myself to wear this cute top only in golfing. I’ve rode 3 horses a day with intensive training program and felt so stylish and chic the whole time because this golf top is featuring one of the latest textile technologies called Q-Skin. Q-Skin is an antimicrobial fabric which eliminates bacterial growth that causes bad odor. You can find the detailed explanation of the technology at the end of the review.


All Razza Pura products are made with finest quality materials and are no different than most famous sports brands in quality, attention to detail and style. This white short sleeved cute top sports sky-blue spots patterned blue collar, and a lovely Razza Pura text logo embroidered on the right sleeve adorned with a heart. I’m usually size XS and this polo fits me perfectly. So I can say it’s true to size and you can buy it online without trying.


I’ve paired this cute top with Navy colored Razza Pura socks. These socks are technologically enhanced like the top. They’re made with Skinlife technology. Skinlife is a microfiber with bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic features. The presence of the silver ions in the yarn eliminates the annoying electrostatic charges and reduces bad odors, keeping the natural balance of bacteria on the skin. Socks manufactured from Skinlife offer softness, comfort and freshness with a quick moisture evaporation. It has everything if not more of you can expect form a pair of socks.


Q-SKIN is the new microfiber with an inorganic antimicrobial ingredient containing silver ions. It’s an innovative technological solution which reduces bacterial growth and prevents bad odors while maintaining the natural balance of the skin. Polo shirts made from Q-Skin are hypoallergenic and offer comfort, breathability, hygiene and freshness.
The progressive silver release, with silver ions inserted directly into the fiber, gives high strength and resistance to washing, preserving the characteristics of Q-Skin for a long time.

You can see the whole collection from Razzapura.it and shop from selected dealers.

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