Equestrian touch at home

We equestrians love our horses and sometimes we really like to show it in the way we dress, the way we make friends with our loveable horses, and we also like to show it at home. We have chosen 5 pillows for your home to remind you of your closest friends while watching TV or reading a relaxing book or listening to soothing music. Enjoy the comfort of these beautiful equestrian pillows.

This one is from the hand painted collection of John Robshaw. A skilled artisan in Jaipur spends an entire day and a half painting each of these pillows. Get yours for $195

This pillow is made from a vintage silk Hermes scarf. The print “Brides de Gala” was designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1957. This Renaissance style, hand-crafted cushion looks so delicate and classy. You may need to apply for a loan to buy this pillow for $2,131.65 

This pillow is a design of Wild Mane II X Fabrice de Villeneuve. The portrait of the horse is made by the artist Fabrice de Villeneuve inspired by western country style. You can get this pillow from Amazon.com for $32.94

This pillow from the equestrian collection of Eastern Accents is made of Burlap which is a coarse woven natural fabric. You can have this pillow for $107.50

Rani Arabella Horse pillow is hand finished and made of cashmere and wool blend. It is very chic and beautiful like the brand’s other fabulous pillows. Has a $450 price tag excluding tax.

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